Welded sector bends

Welded sector bend - a part of the pipeline, bent at a given angle. With the use of such bends, a change in the traffic flow is carried out and the connection of different sections of pipelines of the same diameter is carried out.

For manufacturing, we use carbon, alloy steels with a bending radius of 1Du and 1.5Du with a nominal diameter from 100 to 1600 mm and bending angles of Permissible working pressure during the operation of welded branches is up to 2.2 MPa.

The range of manufactured products:

  • STO 79814898 112-2009 Details and elements of pipelines of nuclear power plants from corrosion-resistant steel for pressure up to 2.2 MPa (22 kgf/cm2). Sector knees.
  • STO 95 117-2013 Parts and elements of steam and hot water pipelines and technological pipelines of nuclear power plants made of pearlite steels for pressures up to 2.2 MPa (22 kgf/cm2). Elbows are sector welded.
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