Welded tees

Welded tee - allows you to connect additional branches. The fitting combines two flows into one or separates the channel in two directions. The design makes it possible to vary the connecting dimensions of the connected elements: equal bores are used for pipes with the same diameter, transitional ones are used when the flow area changes.

For manufacturing, we use carbon, alloy steels. At the same time, the products are used in systems with operating parameters of the medium - pressure up to 2.2 MPa; temperature up to 350C.

The range of manufactured products:

  • STO 79814898 124 - STO 79814898 127-2009 Details and elements of pipelines of nuclear power plants from corrosion-resistant steel for pressure up to 2.2 MPa (22 kgf/cm2). Welded tees.
  • STO 95 126-2013 Details and elements of steam and hot water pipelines and technological pipelines of nuclear power plants made of pearlite steels for pressures up to 2.2 MPa (22 kgf/cm2). Welded tees.
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